Highly recommended for mountainous terrain or where there are varying slopes, with a safer tractor for difficult situations. Easy handling when making manoeuvres.

Various types of box:


Dumper Box: Watertight Monoblock, semicircular in shape with slight rounding and lateral folds to add robust strength. These dumpsters are for all kinds of loads  but are recommended for transporting manure, as it is virtually impossible for the manure to stick to the floor of the box when tipped up. The design of this kind of trailer is unique, in order to provide elegance and maximum performance. 

Costillas box:Watertight, square monoblock box with lateral reinforcement.


Outstanding for a wide range of differences:

Reinforced structure. An ideal, modern design, an improvement on everything which has gone beforeand top quality materials.

Our exclusive chassis design consists of cold-formed steel structural tubes (to quality standard S-275-JOH) providing a high degree of elasticity and with a much higher estimation of load capacity to that which it can transport. We also achieve maximum width to give better stability when tipping.

The watertight monoblock boxes are rounded with folds and upper cold-formed steel structural tube coping (to quality standard S-275-JOH) to give extra strength.

The tipping angle is always greater than 45 degrees. Since there are materials which require it, the rear rotation of the tipping mechanism is designed to achieve great stability when tipping and a greater height when unloading the product carried.

We achieve the maximum stability. Studying how to lower the box as close to the ground as possible.

Each and every one of the components used is highly resistant and of top quality, whether axles, wheels, suspension, telescopic cylinder, etc. To exclude possible breakdowns in use, overloads, heavy work, etc.

Its solidity, aesthetic appearance and excellent finish mark the difference.

3 year warranty.



  1. Reinforced chassismade of structural steel tube quality S-275-J0H with intermediate crossbars.
  2. Double chassis (depending on model)
  3. Rear turning of the tipper designed to achieve great stability when tipping and a higher unloading height for the product transported.
  4. Single-hull box in different models:
    1. Costillas; SQUARE, with side reinforcement
    2. Dumper; ROUNDED with lateral strengthening folds
  1.         Eco; SQUARE with lateral strengthening folds
  2.     Hooks for chains
  3.     Primer and finishing coat composed of two components of maximum adherence and wear
  4.     3 year warranty
  1. Box with structural tube top finish (or lateral breakwaters when it is for the harvest or liquids) Stainless steel box
  2. Watertight automatic-opening gate with rubber seal
  3. 2 or 4 automatic closing claws and 3 or 5 butterfly nut safety locks.
  4. Hydraulic brake on all axles (one piston per wheel) with possibility of adapting for tractor brake pedal
  5. Mechanical hand brake.
  6. Industrial leaf-sprung tridem
  7. Telescopic, anti-seizure tipping piston (over sized to prevent overload).
    1. Tipping angle 47 to 49º
  8. Oscillating bumper and protective grille for pilot lamps (electrical installationaccording toregulations)
  9. Hose and cable from the point of the lance to prevent getting tangled when the tractor turns.
  1. Reinforced lance with multi-leaf sprung suspension.
  2. Mechanical support withscaler (hydraulic dumbwaiterwith manual pump from HF-TA-18T55 included)
  3. Front balcony.
  4. Pivots for tying in the whole perimeter.
  5. 30 litre water tank.
  6. Tool box.
  7. Sheet metal mudguards


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  1.        Traction system
  2.        With a wide range of tyres for different purposes.
  3.        Lowered chassis
  4.        Twinned wheels
  5.        Speed axles
  6.        Self-Steering Axle
  7.        Forced Self-Steering Axle
  8.        Curved shafts
  9.        Rear supports
  10.     3-position, multipurpose hydraulic gate
  11.     Retaining hydraulic gate
  12.     Side gate
  13.     Cereal hatch
  14.     Worm
  15.     Different types of awning
  16.     On drop sides
  17.     Side windows
  18.     Different types of suspension on the lance (hydraulic, pneumatic)
  19.     Hydraulic or pneumatic suspension on axles
  20.     Pneumatic or mixed brakes
  21.     Adaptation for harvest (front, rear and side surge breaks. Rear apron. Double floor, outlet for liquids, retaining hatch)
  22.     Hydraulic dumb waiter
  23.     Rear controls for opening hydraulic tailgate
  24.     Auxiliary motor-pump- tank group
  25.     Damask polishing


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22 / 19.800 / 17.600

385/65R22.5’’ R




24 / 19.600 / 19.200

385/65R22.5’’ R




26 / 23.400 / 20.800

385/65R22.5’’ R




27.2/ 24.480 / 21.760

385/65R22.5’’ R




30.9/ 27.800 / 24.720

445/65R22.5’’ N




34.7/ 28.000 / 22.500

445/65R22.5’’ N




38.9/ 35.000 / 31.100

445/65R22.5’’ N


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