Spreads the materialin a semicircle of up to 15 metres depending on the material. It can also be used in open fields.

Watertight, square-shaped monoblockbox with lateral reinforcements. 

HF spreaders stand out for their many differences:

Incorporating a patented system which tensions and at the same time automatically protects the hauling system, only HF trailers can offer you this,in which we offer a 5 year warranty on the hauling system. In this way not only is the trailer’s mechanical system protected, but also your investment.  

Reinforced structure. An ideal, modern design, an improvement on everything which has gone beforeand top quality materials.

Our exclusive chassis design consists of cold-formed steel structural tubes (to quality standard S-275-JOH) providing a high degree of elasticity and with a much higher estimation of load capacity to that which it can transport. We also can achieve the maximum width.

Watertight Monoblock box with reinforced sides and cold-formed steel, structural tube top finish (with quality S-275-JOH) which gives great resistance.

The binding of the box with the chassis has several supports so as to achieve perfect consistency, able to resist possible toppling over.

We achieve the maximum stability. Studying how to lower the box as close to the ground as possible.

The bars of the conveyor belt are made of cold-formed steel structural tube (to quality standard S-275-JOH), which is cleaner, more resistant and elastic than hot-rolled profiles (for example U-type)

Our hydraulic door with its respective guides is especially strong.

Each and every one of the components used is very resistant and of high quality, whether axles, wheels, suspension, telescopic piston, etc. To prevent possible breakdowns during use, overloading, heavy work, etc.

It is also very important that the reducer and motor which moves the set of chains and bar responsible for moving loads such as manure, grain, etc., are of high quality and maximum resistance.

These scattering columns or vertical vanes are specially designed to achieve the maximum width and highest even spreading quality, performing a single task for any type of manure, whether hen, chicken, cow, sheep, horse, etc.

We can also mount different levels of chain resistance depending on the use it is going to be put to.

Since these machines are exposed to a high level of corrosion, we are able to manufacture the inside of the box and tailgate in stainless steel guaranteeing freedom from corrosion for its full working life.

Our paints are of special high adherence to prevent corrosion caused by manure

Very versatile as it can be used to transport and then unload grain or fodder. With detachable spikes you can obtain high capacity.

All our products have an excellent finish and undergo a stringent quality check to ensure they work perfectly and are strong, safe, guaranteed machines.

3 year warranty.



  1.        Reinforced structural steel tube chassis to quality S-275-J0H.
  2.        Closed, rectangular structural tube pulling bars.
  3.        Watertight, square-shaped monoblock box with lateral reinforcements.
  4.        Hydraulic action (with dual effect motor) of the dragging chains with 3 lane flow control.
  5.        TRIDEM type suspension system. 39 T
  6.        Hydraulic dumbwaiter with manual Reinforced lance.
  7.        Reinforced lance with multi-leaf sprung suspension.
  8.        Folding ladder for external access and inside steps.
  9.        Oscillating bumper and protective grille for pilot lamps. (electrical installation according to regulations)
  10.     Primer and finishing coat composed of two components of maximum adherence and wear
  11.     Hydraulic brake on 6 wheels with 6 pistons and installation for tractor brake pedal.
  12.     Mechanical hand brake.
  13.     Support for running the hoses to the tractor avoiding snagging when manoeuvring.
  14.     Fused power point to protect trailer mechanics.
  15.     Hooks for chain.
  16.    Front visorFloating wheels. (depending on model)
  17. Manual tensioners via rods with screw threads.(Patented system dependig on model)
  18.     Sheet metal mudguards.
  19.     2 giant spreader pinwheels
  20.     Pinwheel blades can be changed
  21.     Top cover in 140X80 structural tube.
  22.     Prepared for the transport cereals
  23.     3 year warranty
  24.     PATENTED system to prevent breakdowns and reduce maintenance. 5-year warranty


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  1.        Different types of coupling up
  2.        Tipper box
  3.        Traction system
  4.        A wide range of tyres for different purposes. (Flotation, on-road)
  5.        Twinned wheels
  6.        Speed axles
  7.        Self-Steering Axle
  8.        Forced Self-Steering Axle
  9.        Curved shafts
  10.     Hydraulic dropdown “guillotine” gate
  11.     Different types of awning
  12.     On drop sides
  13.     On drop sides for silage
  14.     Front mirror
  15.     Electric remote control
  16.     Homokinetic transmission
  17.     Tailgate opening indicator
  18.     Revolving
  19.     Electric belt-speed regulator
  20.     Prepared for the transport cereals
  21.     Different types of product locaters
  22.     Rear conveyor belt for unloading the product
  23.     Different types of suspension on the lance (leaf-sprung, hydraulic, pneumatic)
  24.     Leaf-sprung, hydraulic or pneumatic suspension on axles
  25.     Pneumatic or mixed brakes
  26.     Hydraulic rotation in the lance
  27.     Different types of box unit; square with ribs “Costillas”, square without ribs “Eco”, and “V”
  28.     Support mechanical dumbwaiter with scaler
  29.     Auxiliary motor-pump- tank group
  30.     Stainless steel box
  31.     PATENTED system to prevent breakdowns and reduce maintenance. 5-year warranty

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BOX MEASUREMENTS             (length X width X height)




2 vertical GIGANTS (REINFORCED) (1000 r.p.m.)

10.000 X 2400 X 1600




2 vertical GIGANTS (REINFORCED) (1000 r.p.m.)

10.500 X 2400 X 1600




2 vertical GIGANTS (REINFORCED) (1000 r.p.m.)

11.000 X 2400 X 1600




2 vertical GIGANTS (REINFORCED) (1000 r.p.m.)

11.500 X 2400 X 1600


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