Designed to adapt to different loads, whether for transporting bales, pallets, crates of fruit, drawers, filter carriers, machines, machinery or vehicles, etc. Highly recommended for mountainous terrain or where there are varying slopes, with a safer tractor for difficult situations. We achieve the maximum stability. Easy handling when making manoeuvres.

Outstanding for a wide range of differences:

Reinforced structure. An ideal, modern design, an improvement on everything which has gone before and top quality materials.

Our exclusive chassis design consists of cold-formed steel structural tubes (to quality standard S-275-JOH) providing a high degree of elasticity and with a much higher estimation of load capacity to that which it can transport. We also achieve maximum width

We achieve the maximum stability.

Each and every one of the components used is highly resistant and of top quality, whether axles, wheels, suspension, telescopic cylinder, etc. To exclude possible breakdowns in use, overloads, heavy work, etc.

Its solidity, aesthetic appearance and excellent finish mark the difference.

3 year warranty.


  1.        Reinforced chassis made of structural steel tube quality S-275-J0H.
  2.        Sides to the customer’s taste (in folded metal plate or structural tube)
  3.        Hydraulic brake (one piston per wheel) with possibility of adapting for tractor brake pedal
  4.        Mechanical hand brake.
  5.        Pilot lamp holder and pilot lamps (electrical installation according to regulations)
  6. Hose and cable from the point of the lance to prevent getting tangled when the tractor turns.
  7. Hooks for chain.
  8.        Support mechanical dumbwaiter with scaler
  9.        30 litre water tank.
  10.     Tool box.
  11.     Primer and finishing coat composed of two components of maximum adherence and wear
  12.     3 year warranty  

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OPTIONAL EQUIPMENT                                                                   

  1.        Traction system
  2.        With a wide range of tyres for different purposes.
  3.        Twinned wheels
  4.        Speed axle
  5.        Curved shafts
  6.        Leaf-sprung, hydraulic or pneumatic suspension on axles
  7.        Different types of suspension on the lance (leaf-sprung, hydraulic, pneumatic)
  8.        Drop down or detachable front leading end with integrated ladder
  9.        Back leading end
  10.     Hydraulic rotation in the lance
  11.     Pneumatic or mixed brakes
  12.     Support hydraulic dumbwaiter with pump
  13.     Front and back leading end
  14.     Manual ramps, transport of machinery
  15.     Hydraulic ramps, transport of machinery
  16.     Rear controls for hydraulic ramp
  17.     Hydraulic jack so that the box acts as a ramp for transporting machinery


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